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have to start thinking about a new web hosting for my blog. My web hosting service is ending soon. In fact, my domain already approaching the period expired. There is one thing which I think is very important to be repaired. That is the loading of my blogs. Actually, my files size blog had been optimized. But almost everyone says that if my blog very difficult to open. Apparently, the problem arises from web hosting server. Web hosting that I use is the cheapest when compared with the average price of web hosting from the other. But one thing that i gave up, quality hosting. Website which be hosted on that server is very slow if accessed.
For the second year, I do not want to experience the same error. Olden, I just needed to create personal blogs and to build network. But now I want to create a business blog and hosted it at the same provider. Luckily, I found From this site, I can get updated informations about best web hosting that I can choose. Also complete with a review of each web hosting. Can I get a lot of new information from this site. One of the most important is the knowledge sharing that exist in that website. Through this website i can get new knowledge relating to the Content Management System that I developed today often like Wordpress and Joomla. Funny thing is, the end of this month I will conduct training development of the e-commerce with Joomla on my campus. Luckily, from, I get a lot of information about web hosting and interesting tips about e-commerce that I can share to the trainees.

If the science of management, choosing a web hosting is a process of multi criteria decision making (MCDM). Many of the criteria that should we measure and consider. Characteristics of this problem is “trade off”. It means taking satisfaction from one option, it will reduce the satisfaction from other options. However, we deserve thanked because they have measured the criteria of these web hosting providers and made web hosting reviews. We only need to choose the best for us.

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